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Lytta's demo is raw, aggressive and passionate: a product of living in the world's most isolated city. Three members have come together to bask and revel in these emotions, showcased here in eight tracks of primitive rage. A fitting mix of the best parts from Integrity's discography, screamo sweethearts Orchid and Curl Up and Die.

This is the twenty-fourth release through Lacklustre Records (LCK024). It was made available in an edition of fifty clear cassettes, housed in screenprinted origami cardboard jackets. This has since sold out. Thank you for your support.


released February 15, 2015

Lytta is:
Luke Palmer, Catiie MacDonald and Shoshana Rosenberg.

Nathaniel Burns is responsible for the artwork and Melissa McGrath for the layout of both the cover and the insert.

This release was recorded by Brett Porter at the Sounds Suite, Western Australia.
Mixed and mastered by Will Killingsworth at Dead Air Studios, Western Massachusetts.

Released through Lacklustre Records (LCK024).



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Independent record label from Canberra, Australia. Established in 2012, focusing on local and Australian music.

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Track Name: Lone Animal
the lone animal is potential lost. disentangled. swept by currents. unleashed. growing ever rabid. seclusion's predatory nature.
Track Name: Lips to Urns
ash cannot reverse its form, nor can dust sustain a life. yet dried mouths still press lips to urns. we only have ourselves to mourn. we too will die and we must see this helplessness as a gift. cry. reconnect. rejoice. self-extricate. free ourselves from the pursuit of eternality. roam in our current state unimpeded by lofty guarantees.
Track Name: Madness Blockades
inner warfare leaks through the pores. madness blockades us from our core. our true nature has been buried under savageness, illness and loathing. fuelled by fear. justified by survival. this dismay is stuck in our throats. we must swallow or spit it out, or we'll collectively choke. no more gnashed teeth. quietude becomes me.
Track Name: I Am Omega
i am omega. trail behind the pack. rather be prey than predator. i am omega. no bitten throats, no sleep lost. i am omega. let the alpha eat the beta, let rank-climbers meet the peak's fate. some ears hear only war drums. merely pity for those who strive to win.
Track Name: When Thoughts Turn to Pain
each passing thought can be used as a weapon against yourself, but as the soft dirt fills the gaps in your toes you realise you have a choice: make this leap of faithlessness in your own truth or run back into its embrace. as our mind opposes our essence, while thoughts can only turn to pain, psychic survival can only be achieved through immersion in our authentic selves.
Track Name: Passion Under Ruins
complex yet innate paths to the apex of our passions now lay under ruins of structures. built to protect us as we explore our bodies, and souls and their entwined nature. separate now by cloth, brick and the doldrums of modernity, each new embrace weighed down by ingestion of this poison we call progression. these paths will be repaved by our love, sincerity and refuse to be swayed by those who desire this mistrust the most.
Track Name: Dweller on the Threshold
encircled by unyielding trees. you've become what you seek. the saints disintegrated. now you're left to greet them in. caught beyond this world's veil, entrenched between bleakness and light. may you return.