Weathered Heart

by Machina Genova

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Canberra's title as the greatest city on Earth is solidified with the release of Machina Genova's 10", "Weathered Heart". Compiling six tracks of fierce and grinding dissonance, noise and hardcore punk, there is a youthful energy and fire unmatched by any similar contemporaries. Almost unrelenting in aggression, "Weathered Heart" is more of a product than a transition state between sounds first heart on their demo.

This is the fifth Lacklustre Records release (LCK005) and it was made possible with assistance from Sydney's Broken Hive Records (BHR006). It is available in very limited numbers on 10" coloured vinyl through the Bigcartel link in the sidebar panel.


released August 9, 2013

Machina Genova is:
Daniel New, Dylan Teaurima, Dominic Lewis, Joel Nevile and Jonathan Mendolicchio.

Recorded and mixed by Chris Brownbill at Sun Distortion Studios, Brisbane, Australia.
Mastered by Carl Saff from Saff Mastering, United States of America.

Artwork and layout by Craig Johnson.

Released through Lacklustre Records (LCK005) and Broken Hive Records (BHR006).



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Independent record label from Canberra, Australia. Established in 2012, focusing on local and Australian music.

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Track Name: Courtaud
Broken trust from liar friends and false attempts to make amends,
till death takes our sorry souls and drags us deeper down below,
for every heart you’ve broken and every word unsaid,
this is curtains closing, beneath the church on frozen steps.
There is no catharsis for those who don’t repent,
no ethereal surrender for an undeserving heart.
No one will ever save you until you save yourself,
your foundations of failure will bury you in hate. This is what you deserve.
Track Name: Funeral March
Another night to mourn,
for love forgotten and sadness born,
succumb to desperation, at the mercy of depression.
I can’t see past the scars/the train wreck you’ve left on my arms,
the lacerations down beating hearts, you are the rolling thunder,
you are the crashing waves, the violent tide in vacant seas that drags the life from desperate days.
I am alone, now and forever, devoted to this, reduced to nothing.
“I hold to the past, in hope that these memories will pull me through the dark”.
I can’t go on, stale and fragile, motionless. I can’t go on.
Track Name: Old Hands
scorned hearts drawn like razors,
further into depression.
No love for broken hearts,
no home for old hands,
my stomach in knots, I am sick.
I surrender, to this, waiting to kill myself for something
I’ll never forgive. I can’t save you, I can’t save myself.
Track Name: Blood Red Moon
Washed out,
dripping with blood, this ends tonight,
searching for meaning, but finding none.
Last night in hell. I kill myself.
For a loveless façade spent clutching the past.
It’s a trembling that lies underneath my skin,
I pick myself apart and destroy from within.
Caught in a cycle of misery
and all I have is my dependency.
Drowning in darkness, sinking in sorrow,
return the failure that this life has borrowed,
under blood red moons.
Track Name: Euphoria
It’s chemical imbalance and years of bad luck.
Even with close friends and opportunity,
I pull the pieces for love to self-destruct.
What goes around surely comes around and I’ll get my just deserve,
for hopeless hearts and ageing scars we’re destined for the dirt.
Inherit failure from closet drunks,
bloodshot eyes and clarity from broken glass.
Victims of addiction.
I’m begging please, I just can’t go on,
not one more day.
Farewell beloved failure, endless desire,
I am crippled by the weight of depression.
Save my fucking soul from this hell.
Track Name: Illuminate
The hardest part of letting go is knowing you're better off without me.