by Diploid & Lytta

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A musical representation of human grief, loss and longing split between two acts from each side of the lucky country, Australia. Human emotion is a different experience betwixt and between subjects of all kinds; and within these 12 tracks we are given an opportunity to see through the window into the minds of these musicians; with their varying levels of tenacity providing us with an opportunity to glimpse into their psyche: raw, cathartic, and almost suffocating in their differing respective intensities.

This split came together wonderfully, and a big thank you is necessary to everyone involved, especially Diploid & Lytta through the long wait in getting this ready to release. hopefully everyone enjoys this record as much as me!

This is the thirtieth Lacklustre Records release (LCK030), available now on black 12" vinyl. You can purchase a copy through the Bigcartel link in the sidebar panel.


released March 13, 2016

Diploid is:
Scott Mclatchie, Mariam Benjemaa and Reece Prain.
Lytta is:
Caitie Macdonald, Luke Palmer and Shoshana Rosenberg.

Additional vocals on tracks 1 and 3 by Liam Phillips.
Photography for the cover and insert by Jess Day.
Layout for the insert by Paul Sutherland.

Diploid recorded by Rachel Crook.
Lytta recorded by Ron Pollard.
Both sides mixed and mastered by Ron Pollard in Perth, Australia.

Released through Lacklustre Records (LCK030).
Available now on black 12" vinyl through Bigcartel.



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110 Macarthur Ave
2602, ACT

Independent record label from Canberra, Australia. Established in 2012, focusing on local and Australian music.

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Track Name: Diploid - Coping
you've gone so far and
i'm too far gone
(again, again,
again, again)
Track Name: Diploid - Denial
i was lied to today
i don't understand why
everyone is lying to me
i'll see you
i'll see you
i'll see you
Track Name: Diploid - Anger
this rage i feel,
it's endless
i blame you all
i tried to help; i tried to
keep myself sane
but now i'll explode
wasted, over, wasted,
forget it
i blame you
i blame myself
i'll stay in this cycle
it's never ending
kill me before i do
Track Name: Diploid - Bargaining
i'll manipulate myself
i'll lie to myself
i've got nothing
left to give
i'm empty, inside
i'm trying to find,
what i need
too much has been
taken from me
i'm trying to find,
what i need
too much has been
taken from me

sifting through my head
i can't seem to think
i would do anything
to not be here anymore

i'm trying to find
what i need
too much has been
taken from me
i'm trying to find
what i need
too much has been
taken from me

too much as been
taken from me
(i'll give up)
Track Name: Diploid - Depression
i'm at death's door
and my hands are bloody
from trying to get in
please let me in
please let me in
please let me in
i'm at death's door
begging to be let in
i can no longer
take this pain
Track Name: Diploid - Acceptance
i'm becoming more alone
losing everyone
around me
i'm left here, all to myself
no one needs me

i deserve nothing
i will suffer
i'll rot on my own
that's what my
life will be

(that's what my
life will be)
Track Name: Lytta - Recalibrating Hope
when tenderness is lost we rely on memory. residues weep off bulldozered walls. are we fated to end up as scents? as scars? as the falling book that jarred me awake? what might we hope to become?
Track Name: Lytta - Open the Circle
to end the aching ritual we must open the circle. mend torn cloth. heal ashen wounds. as bereavement succumbs to recollections that muddy and weaken, lightning forms from grief-stricken cells that make way for the new.
Track Name: Lytta - In Preparation
these bodies are only temporary and my bitter jokes reflect this understanding. i do my best to forget the date, yet can't help but weep at ceremonies. we had the talk again. you asked to be burned. you said i live in preparation. i know no other way of existing.
Track Name: Lytta - Embraces
to the boy with the torn infest shirt. i won't mourn embraces lost. my tribute to you greys as i do. to the boy with the morrissey patch. ashtray kisses were all we had. old addictions die hard. you have gone from this realm. still i sense you. you have moved beyond experience. still i invoke you.